President al-Alimi praises the Saudi leading role in development & peace

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September Net

His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council put emphasize on the leading crucial role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in the Arab Coalition in support of legality in Yemen including its good offices to establish peace and stability in Yemen.

His Excellency (HE) said the role of the brothers in the KSA has become a testimony of the strategic partnership between the two sisterly countries including the generous relief intervention through KSrelief Center and the Saudi Program for Development and Reconstruction In Yemen (SPDRY), moreover the Kingdom’s sincere endeavors as mediator to establish cease-fire, stop war, achieve the comprehensive and sustainable war in Yemen.

In a televised interview with the two TV channels Al-Arabia and Al-Hadath HE said the inauguration and launching a package of Saudi funded projects in Yemen has got meaningful signs for the terrorist Houthi militias that the Yemeni peoples ” want peace, do not want more drones, violence and landmines, rather they need health, services, looking forward to live not die”.

He added ” The key meaningful sign of inaugurating and launching the projects simultaneously with peace efforts is that it is a message also to the Iranian regime the backer of the Houthi militias that the Saudi-led Arab Coalition is supporting us with health, roads and all walks of life whether relief or development.

This is also a significant message the Yemeni people should grasp either in the government-held regions or in the Houthi militias-controlled ones, it is also a strong message to the Houthis leader and his supporters that we want to live, we want more projects, development and peace”.

The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council appreciated the Saudi efforts as a mediator for ending the war and establishing peace, the Presidential Leadership Council and the Government have announced their support for these efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution that is based on the nationally, regionally and internationally agreed on terms of peace reference, which is the demand of the Yemeni people and the regional and international community.

He said” We are in favor of these efforts, we support them since early time but the militias have always refused the peace process and they continued until this moment to threaten to return to the war, mobilize militants to the flashpoints”.


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