US Envoy: Iran still smuggling weapons, drugs to Yemen

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September Net

The US Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking has said Iran is still smuggling weapons and drugs to Yemen, pointing out that he is still anxious about Iranian role in Yemen.

Iranians have trained and armed Houthi terrorist militia during the war and carried out attacks against Saudi Arabia, said Lenderking in a conference held through visual communications on Thursday.

He made it clear that he hopes that Iran will support a political process in Yemen saying: we do not want from Iran to continue breaching laws and UN resolutions and smuggling in Yemen. He added that he hoped from Iran to change its behavior in accordance with its agreement with Saudi Arabia and support peace efforts.

He confirmed that his country continues support to peace process in Yemen and the chance must be seized to reach a permanent agreement, pointing out that the recent truce agreement is preparing for Yemeni- Yemeni peace process, ending suffering of Yemeni people and realizing food security.

He pointed out that the future of Yemen must be decided by Yemenis themselves.

The US envoy pointed out that he is disappointed regarding arrest of 11 employees of US embassy in Sana’a by Houthi militia for a year and half without any crime and banning them to communicate with their families and relatives.

He demanded the militia to allow the arrested employees to communicate with their relatives and release them.


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