Houthi militias’ war-crimes against the people of Hajour tribe

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Houthi militias’ war and atrocities against the people of Hajour tribe started in 2011 and culminated in a wide-scale aggressive military campaign in 2019, driven by sectarian and vengeance motives.

A report published today in Marib by a national human right organization ” Eradah Organization Against Torture and Enforced Disappearance” noted that the militias launched massive and brutal military operations against Hajour tribesmen in the five districts of Hajjah governorate in 2019, using heavy weapons including tanks, ballistic missiles and rockets- propels, causing unspeakable damages and loses in human and materials.

The report mentioned that the Houthi militiamen imposed strangling marcels blockade against the people of Hajour for several months, denied the villagers access to food, water and medicines.

Then, carried out large- brutal military operations, indiscriminately shelling houses and farms, displacing thousands of the villagers, arresting and kidnapping hundreds, killing dozens, injuring hundreds.

The militiamen blamed for killing 117 civilians, injuring 537 among them 12 women, 14 children, kidnapping and arresting 337, some of them have continued to be enforced disappeared until now, according to the report.

The report stated that seven persons who were kidnapped are still being enforced disappeared they are: Ahmed Azakari, Ali Flat, Hizam Flat, Mohammed Ali al-Hadi, Yahya Riban, Muslim Azakari and Najeeb Anashmah.


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