Defense Minister praises EU’s support for Yemen, its political leadership


September Net

Minister of Defense (Lt Gen) Mohssen Ada’iri applauded the significant role of the countries of the European Union (EU) in supporting the Yemeni people and its political leadership to establish stability and reach a comprehensive and fair peace.

He made his comments during his discussions today, Wednesday, in the temporary capital Aden with the delegation of several Ambassadors of the EU’s countries to Yemen.

General Ada’iri provided an informative presentation about the ongoing efforts to maintain security and stability in the different government-held governorates, citing the Ministry’s plans and efforts to stand-up against all terrorist endeavors by the terrorist groups including Houthi militias, al-Qaeda and ISIS aimed to disturb the security and stability in the government-held regions.

The European Ambassadors have stated that the EU will continue to offer necessary support to sustain the political and economic reforms and revive the peace process to boost security and stability in Yemen.


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