Government: Houthi militia’s acts confirm its unseriousness in peace

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The Government of Yemen has said:” Houthi terrorist militia, which has chosen igniting the conflict Yemen is still witnessing, chooses its continuity today, neglecting suffering of Yemeni people and their hope in peace, security, stability and freedom.”

In Yemen’s release delivered before Security Council’s opened session Wednesday on the Middle East, Yemen’s Permanent Representative in the United Nations Ambassador Abdullah al-Sa’adi confirmed that the acts of this militia prove day after day its unseriousness in responsible act towards peace efforts.

The militia is still threatening of continuing war and resumption of the conflict for more Yemeni people bloodshed and complicating humanitarian crisis, he added, pointing out that the militia continues breaching rules and standards of the International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law.

The militia is mobilizing fighters in warfronts and works on creating summer military camps to attract and recruit hundreds of thousands of children and drag them into frontlines in the biggest recruiting process humanity has ever witnessed, said al-Sa’adi, adding the militia continues planting landmines, hungering Yemeni people and suffocating charitable acts.

He reconfirmed that the government of Yemen praises all regional and international efforts, especially efforts of the UN Envoy for Yemen and mediation efforts by Saudi brothers and the Sultanate of Oman for renewing the UN truce, ending conflict and realizing inclusive and permanent peace on the agreed upon references: The GCC Initiative, the Outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and Security Council’s Resolution 2216.

” For more than eight years, Taiz City and four million of its inhabitants, have been under Houthi suffocating siege, which is still to this day, after Houthi militia relinquished its commitments included in the truce agreement and Stokholm Agreement before it,” he said, pointing out to the militia targeting al-Kadaha Road, which is under construction for alleviating suffering of Taizi people.

He called upon the international community and the Security Council to shoulder their responsibilities and exert more pressure on Houthi militia and Iran to resort to peace and interact positively with peace efforts and end the prolonged suffering of people.


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