Arab leaders confirm support to Yemen’s security, stability

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September Net

Arab leaders have renewed their full support to everything ensure security and stability in the Republic of Yemen and realizes aspirations of Yemeni people.

They also confirmed their support to UN and regional efforts aiming at reaching an inclusive political solution to Yemeni crisis on the basis of the three internationally agreed upon references, the Gulf Initiative and its executive mechanism, outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and Security Resolution 2216.

In Jeddah’s Declaration issued on the 32nd Ordinary Round of the Arab League on Jeddah Summitt level held here on Friday, Arab leaders renewed their support to the Presidential Leadership Council for realizing security and stability in Yemen aiming at ending Yemen’s crisis.

Arab leaders stressed stopping exterior interferences in Arab countries’ internal affairs and total rejection for supporting formation of armed groups and militias outside state frame, confirming that the internal military conflicts will not lead to victory of a party against another, rather they complicate people’s suffering and destroy their accomplishments.

They also confirmed that sustainable development, security, stability and living in peace are basic rights to an Arab citizen and this will be realized only by integrating all efforts and combating crime and corruption seriously.


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