President al-Alimi convenes high-profile meeting includes Speakers of Parliament, Shura Council

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His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, has put emphasize on the leading role of the legislative institution with its two chambers the Parliament and Shura Council in bolstering the united ranks around the Yemenis’ major goal of restoring the State’s institutions, eliminating the Iranian-regime backed Houthi militias’ coup.

His Excellency made his comment during a joint meeting he convened today, Sunday, brought together the Speakers of the Parliament Sultan al-Barakani and the Shura Council Dr. Ahmed Obeid bin Dagher and the Heads of the Parliamentary Blocs of the political parties.

He said that the Presidential Leadership Council is very keen to work on the basis of the partnership and the national consensus, affirming that the Presidential Council is strongly unified and coherent around the central cause of the Yemeni people.

President al-Alimi detailed the Heads of the Legislative Authority and Parliamentary Blocs on the latest developments about the situations in the Yemeni national scene, the efforts and good offices of the mediation led by the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the position of the Presidential Leadership Council and the legitimate government which is insisting on the terms of peace references agreed upon nationally, regionally and international.

The President’s presentation covered the comprehensive reforms in the economic, political, security and military fields and the prospects to further enhance these reforms.

The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council talked about the humanitarian and development interventions backed by the Arab Coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in different domains.

In this regard he underlined the significant role of the Saudi Program for Development and Reconstruction in Yemen which recently has launched a package of 229 projects in the areas of education, health, energy, transport, water, agriculture, fishery in the government-held governorates.

President al-Alimi cited the intertwined challenges facing the Presidential Leadership Council and the government, particularly in the economic and humanitarian domains in light of the cessation of oil exports in the wake of the Houthi terrorist attacks on the oil exports seaports.

The President listened to the recommendations of the headships of the Parliament and Shura Council about the actions of the Presidential Council and the government and the required measures need to be taken to manage the political, economic and security challenges.

The Speakers of Parliament and Shura Council and the Heads of the Parliamentary Blocs have confirmed the Legislative Authority’s support for the Presidential Leadership Council and government to fulfill their constitutional obligations in defending the republican system and the economic and social rights of the Yemeni people


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