Parliament presidency holds meeting with PM to find out about current developments

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The Presidency of the House of Representatives and heads of parliamentary blocs held a meeting with the Prime Minister, Dr. Maeen Abdel-Malik, to discuss the current developments at the national level, and the most prominent files that the government is working on within the framework of its program and priorities, and the support required from the legislative authority.

The meeting, chaired by Parliament Speaker Sheikh Sultan Al-Barakani, saw mutual emphasis on the importance of close cooperation between the legislative and executive authorities and activating the oversight role in order to support anti-corruption efforts and meet the important needs of citizens in the living and service aspects.

He stressed support for the measures and reforms implemented by the government in various economic, financial and administrative fields, including strengthening oversight and accountability, and activating the work of state institutions, in parallel with the battle to complete the restoration of the state and end the Iranian-backed Houthi coup.

The meeting discussed the steps required to enhance coordination between the government and parliament, especially with regard to the parliament’s support for the government and its executive and service programs, which impact the lives of citizens, within the framework of integration between the legislative and executive authorities, and the unity of national forces in facing the challenges posed by the repercussions of the Houthi terrorist coup.

The meeting emphasized strengthening relations between all authorities as an integrated process to serve the people and the public interest, unite towards restoring the state, overthrowing the coup, giving the first priority to serving people and improving their standard of living.. stressing adherence to the Constitution of the Republic of Yemen, applying the laws in force, preserving the security and stability of the country, sovereignty, unity and safety its lands.. pointing to the need to combat corruption in all its forms.

The meeting also stressed the need to correct existing errors and imbalances, implement the government program approved by the House of Representatives, strengthen the role of the Central Bank and maintain its independence so that it can organize and correct the banking situation urgently, in a manner that guarantees stability in exchange rates and the soundness of monetary policy, and work to rationalize spending according to plans and financial budgets to help control the deficit and finance it from non-inflationary sources, in addition to controlling revenues and collecting them in accordance with the law, not allowing multiple levies and canceling illegal ones because they constitute a burden on citizens and raise the value of goods and services, pointing to the need to improve various public services and the importance of citizens having smooth access to goods and services to alleviate their suffering.

Emphasis was also placed on speeding up the formation of the Supreme Committee for Tenders and Auctions, the Anti-Corruption Commission, and the Commission for the Martyrs and Wounded, and real addressing the economic situation through urgent objective procedures and in accordance with generally accepted standards.


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