Leadership Council member calls on the people of Shabwa to unify ranks and overcome differences

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Member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Abdullah Al-Alimi, called on the people of Shabwa governorate to unify ranks, and overcome differences, grudges, petty grudges, and narrow interests that tear society apart..emphasizing that Shabwa is with all its sons and for all its sons.

In a press statement, a member of the Presidential Leadership Council stressed the necessity of overcoming the differences and the return of all the people of Shabwa to their areas, businesses and institutions, so that we can heal our wounds, as we are at a critical stage.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Alimi stressed that the funeral of the body of martyr Sheikh Abdullah Al-Bani, yesterday, Friday, in Shabwa Governorate, will not be the end of the case, but rather it is the beginning of finding truth, achieving justice and striving towards implementing the law so that criminals receive their just punishment according to justice.


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