Al-Eryani demands blacklisting Houthi militia’s leaders for recruiting children

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Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Muamar al-Eryani has renewed warning of danger of recruiting children as soldiers by Houthi terrorist militia and the disastrous repercussions of that on regional and international security and peace.

In a statement to Yemeni News Agency Saba on Monday on the Occasion of World Child Labor Day, Minister al-Eryani made it clear that Houthi militia forcibly took hundreds of thousands of children from schools to sectarian camps managed and financed by Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

He pointed out that the militia continues dragging and recruiting children to bomb their minds with terrorist and extremist thoughts and slogans of hatred and envy imported from Iran despite calls for appeasement and restoring truce by brotherly and friendly countries.

He demanded the international community, the UN and its envoy for Yemen and relevant agencies to stop this malicious crime and work on blacklisting Houthi militia’s leaders involved in recruiting children in international sanction’s lists.


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