Defense Minister updates Cabinet on the latest developments


September Net

The Minister of Defense presents a report to the cabinet on the latest field and military developments in various aspects over the country.

In its extraordinary meeting today, Monday, the cabinet listened to a report from the (Lt Gen) Mohssen Ada’eari, on the latest field and military developments, in addition to the ongoing Houthis mobilization and escalation on the frontlines, which confirms their lack of seriousness in peace and their challenge to the regional, international, and national efforts that are keen on engaging in a political process.

He also reviewed the options that the military and security institutions are working on, to enhance efficiency and readiness to confront these challenges.

The Defense Minister also discussed the success of the joint military and security campaign that was recently executed to remove illegal checkpoints on the international shipping route between Al-Maharah and Hadramout provinces, and the future plans to secure transportation routes, prevent illegal levies, and impose the state’s authority.

The Cabinet praised the success of this campaign and the importance of its continuation to secure travelers and commercial transport, and fully supported it.


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