Presidential Leadership Council chairman calls for transformation in international humanitarian work

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President Dr. Rashad Muhammad Al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, received today, Thursday, the United Nations Resident Coordinator, the Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, David Gressly.

The United Nations coordinator presented to the President of the Presidential Leadership Council an international assessment on the humanitarian situation in Yemen, and opportunities for transition from the stage of emergency relief interventions, to the scope of more sustainable development support.

The UN brief included positive indicators of the humanitarian situation since the beginning of this year in connection with government reforms, foremost of which was the stability of the national currency, which led to a decline in the number of people in need of emergency aid by about two million compared to last year.

The meeting also touched on the humanitarian response programs and the international efforts required to reduce the financing gap and meet the growing needs, on which millions of people depend for survival.

The President of the Presidential Leadership Council praised the humanitarian efforts led by the United Nations in Yemen, foremost of which is the emergency food and health aid that saved millions of lives, as well as its highly appreciated efforts to address the danger of the decaying Safer oil tanker and avert a devastating environmental disaster in the Red Sea.

The President encouraged the UN humanitarian mission to proceed with its decentralized humanitarian action program, expand the presence of its offices in all governorates, in addition to strengthening its partnership in the field of demining in cooperation with the relevant local, regional and international bodies.

The President of the Presidential Leadership Council referred to the dire repercussions of the terrorist attacks on oil facilities, and its continued investment in the war economy, profiting from currency differences and black markets, and scraping the remaining gains of the private sector and the Yemeni business community.

The President called for urgent international action to support economic and service reforms led by the Presidential Leadership Council and the government, and to address the real causes of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world created by the Houthi militia backed by the Iranian regime.


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