Foreign Minister praises Ambassador Tae Yeol’s efforts to boost Yemeni-Korean relations

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September Net

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Ahmed BinMubarak highly praised the constructive role and significant efforts of the South Korean Ambassador to the Republic of Yemen Tae Yeol Kwak to further bolster bilateral relations and cooperation between the two friendly countries, to support the internationally recognized government and the UN-led efforts to reach political settlement to eliminate the coup and its subsequent catastrophic consequences .

BinMubarak voiced his comments as he met today, Sunday, Mr. Tae Yeol to bid him farewell as his tenure in our country has expired now.
Tae Yeol Kwak

The South Korean Ambassador confirmed his country’s support for the Presidential Leadership Council, Yemen’s unity and stability as well as the ongoing efforts of the UN’s envoy to achieve a comprehensive peace in Yemen.

Mr. Tae Yeol also affirmed South Korea’s commitment to support Yemen in the fields of developments and basic services.


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