FM video calls heads of European missions accredited to Yemen

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September Net

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, met today, via visual communication technology, with the heads of European missions accredited to Yemen, headed by the Ambassador of the European Union to discuss developments in the situation and efforts to achieve peace in Yemen.

Bin Mubarak stressed that the Yemeni government supports all efforts aimed at achieving peace in Yemen and alleviating the suffering of the Yemenis, explaining that the Houthi militia has escalated its economic war against the Yemeni people and has not shown any real response to the peace efforts.

Bin Mubarak stressed the importance of the European Union playing a key role in putting pressure on the Houthis, in line with European principles, to stop violations against women and put an end to the policy of recruiting children and indoctrinating them with a culture of hatred, and to stop targeting the economic capabilities of the Yemeni people, considering that the Houthi practices constitute a full-fledged crimes against humanity.


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