President al-Alimi: We’re determined to move ahead to restore the state, eliminate Houthi coup, manage economic hardships

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His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council has reiterated the determination of the Presidential Council and the government to continue the partnership and the work with national political forces, the regional and international partners to achieve the fateful goal which is restoring the state’s institutions, eliminating the Iranian regime backed Houthi militias’ coup d’état.

In his address to the nation on Eid al-Adha His Excellency stressed on the importance of the unity of the ranks, acting on the basis of the partnership and consensus to achieve the desirable peace, end the war and prepare the circumstances for the Yemeni people to re-build their country and national institutions on the basis of justice, equal citizenship and the State’s exclusive right to monopolize the military force and the rule enforcement authority.

The President highly praised the role of Hadramout governorate and people in supporting the state, its institutions and establishing security and stability throughout Yemen’s long history.

The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council noted that the Houthi militias have continued to mislead the public opinion about the peace track mistakenly interpret the Presidential Council’s humanitarian indicatives aimed to allay the suffering of the population in the militias-controlled regions as political gains and victories.

He said ” The fact is that the peace efforts haven’t achieved any progress yet despite the great and sincere efforts have been exerted by the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the two envoys of the UN and the U.S., because the Iranian regime backed Houthi militias put their own interests first, pay no attention to the suffering of millions of the Yemeni people in the country and abroad”

His Excellency added” While Houthi militias annual revenues make up over $4 billion comparing with only one billion and 200 million the internationally recognized government used to have, however the militias are continuing to raise the humanitarian situations, squandering the huge funds to serve the interests of their leaders “.

President al-Alimi went on saying” The economic and basic services file will always remain an urgent priority for the Presidential Council and the government, first and foremost finding out sustainable solutions to the electricity crisis with the support of the Arab Coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates”.

Concerning to the Public Finance, the President said ” We are expecting this month to get generous finances from the brothers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the economic reforms, enhance the stability of the national currency and reduce the state’s general budget which worsened by the Houthi militias’ terrorist attacks on the oil seaports”.


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