Iraqi Prime Minister Holds Meeting with BinMubarak

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September Net

Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Shayya’ al-Sudani, met with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Dr. Ahmed BinMubarak, to discuss strengthening bilateral cooperation between Iraq and Yemen.

The meeting involved discussions on various topics, including the need to resume joint technical committees and renew agreements and memorandums of understanding in fields such as culture, academia, judiciary, and trade.

The officials also addressed the ongoing political and economic developments in Yemen, particularly the challenges posed by Houthi militias and their violations against the Yemeni people.

BinMubarak emphasized the significance of activating the mechanisms of the Political Consultations Panel between the two countries to coordinate political positions on matters of mutual concern.

The Foreign Minister also raised the issue of Yemeni nationals who have been convicted of various charges and are currently serving their sentences.

BinMubarak requested the Prime Minister’s intervention to allow these individuals to complete their remaining sentences in Yemen in order to alleviate the suffering of their families.

In response, the Iraqi Prime Minister reaffirmed his country’s steadfast support for the internationally recognized Yemeni government, as well as Yemen’s unity, security, and stability. He also expressed his government’s backing for any efforts aimed at establishing peace, stability, and ending the suffering of the Yemeni people.


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