Al-Erradah meets with Charged’ Affairs of the UK’s embassy

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September Net

Member of the Presidential Leadership Council Sultan al-Erradah met today, Tuesday, with the Charged’ Affairs of the United Kingdom (UK) embassy in the Republic of Yemen Charles Huber.

The session intended to discuss the developments in Yemen including the ongoing regional and international efforts to end the conflict, alleviate the humanitarian suffering and establish peace and stability.

Al-Erradah confirmed the Presidential Leadership Council’s keenness to allay the humanitarian suffering caused by the terrorist Houthi militias’ coup.

He also reiterated the Council’s commitment to the option of the fair and sustainable peace.

The Member of the Presidential Leadership Council expressed deep gratitude to the UK for its supportive stances in support of the Yemeni people, its constant support for the political and economic reforms, its significant humanitarian and development interventions and its contribution to the efforts aiming to restore the State’s institutions.

The British diplomat stated that his country is keen on maintaining Yemen’s security, stability and addressing the political and economic challenges.


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