Expanded meeting in Marib discusses fuel supply situation

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A joint meeting of directors of districts in Marib Governorate, the leadership of the Yemeni Oil Company branch, and the security services, headed by the governorate’s deputy governor, Abd Rabbo Muftah, discussed the supply situation of oil products in the governorate, and the distribution and control mechanism to ensure its stability and the citizen’s access to it easily and to combat the black market.

During the meeting, Ali bin Jalal, the director of the branch of the oil company, reviewed the efforts made by the company to ensure the stability of the supply situation and the mechanisms used in distributing oil derivatives in the capital of the governorate and the districts and controlling them in the market.

He reviewed the challenges and difficulties and the company’s procedures to overcome them, and prevent monopoly or manipulations and black market, by people who fall into their weaknesses and take advantage of subsidized prices.

The meeting stressed the company’s provision of diesel at all its stations in the capital of the governorate and the districts at the price set to cover the needs of farmers and various productive and industrial sectors, and their easy access to it, thus contributing to its stability in the market and contributing to the elimination of the black market and its speculators.

The meeting took a number of measures regarding strengthening the mechanism for distributing oil derivatives and controlling them in the market and coordinating efforts between the Oil and Traffic Company, the security and military agencies and officials of local authorities in the districts.


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