Al-Eradah Highlights Exploitation of Humanitarian Situations by Houthi Militia for Political and Military Gains

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General Lieutenant Sultan al-Eradah, a member of the Presidential Leadership Council, has reaffirmed that the Houthi terrorist militia exploits humanitarian crises to advance their political and military objectives.

He warns against succumbing to the Houthi militia’s blackmail tactics and underscores the risks associated with allowing the suffering of the Yemeni people to be used for the militia’s own gain.

During his meeting with US Ambassador to Yemen Stephen Fagen, al-Eradah emphasizes the need for the international community to adopt a firm stance against the Houthi militia’s determination to undermine the security and stability of Yemen and the region. These actions include threats to international trade routes, navigation straits, military escalations, recruitment of child soldiers, besiegement of cities, seizing salaries, and plundering public resources.

Al-Eradah reiterates the steadfast support of the Presidential Leadership Council for all regional and international endeavors aiming to achieve inclusive and just peace, based on fundamental principles. He acknowledges the crucial role played by the United States in mobilizing international support to assist the Yemeni government in overcoming economic challenges and alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni people.

In response, the US diplomat confirms his country’s commitment to Yemen’s stability and their dedication to fostering conditions for an inclusive political process.


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