Lt. Gen. Al-Maqdashi met the UN envoy’s military advisor to discuss Yemen’s situation


September Net

The advisor to the President of the Presidential Leadership Council for Defense and Security Affairs, Lt. Gen. Muhammad al-Maqdashi, discussed with the UN special envoy’s military advisor, Brig. Gen. Antony Hayward, developments in the situation and developments in the Yemeni arena.

Al-Maqdashi renewed the keenness of the Presidential Leadership Council and the government to end the war and establish peace based on the basic references agreed upon at the Arab, regional and international levels.

He pointed to the Houthi militia’s continued intransigence and rejection of opportunities for peace and ending the war by targeting oil installations and targeting civilians, which caused deaths and injuries among them are children and women.

Al-Maqdashi touched on what the Houthi militia is doing in terms of mobilizing its fighters to the battle fronts, which confirms that these militias do not care about the interest of the Yemeni people and ending their suffering, but rather they make the situation worse.

He pointed out that Iran is exploiting the Houthi group and using them as a card in its negotiations on its nuclear file.

Lieutenant-General Al-Maqdashi stressed that there is popular discontent towards the Houthi militia, due to the living conditions of the people and its looting of state resources, imposing levies and royalties and terrorizing people through its supervisors.

He stressed the need for the international community and the United Nations to put pressure on the Houthi militia and deter it from its criminal actions against the Yemeni people and facilities.


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