Chief of Staff applauds UK’s support for Yemen


September Net

The Chief of Staff, General Lieutenant Sagheer bin Aziz, commended the United Kingdom for its support of Yemen and efforts to achieve genuine peace based on national and international agreements.

During a meeting with a UK delegation led by the Military Attaché at the British Embassy in Yemen, bin Aziz highlighted the global threat posed by the terrorist Houthi militia, including their dangers to international shipping.

Bin Aziz emphasized that the Houthi militia, supported by Iran, shows no interest in peace, as their agenda revolves around violence and destruction.

He specifically pointed out their continuous attacks on Marib.

The discussion between bin Aziz and the UK delegation also touched on the current situation in Yemen.

The UK military attaché confirmed their country’s support for the Yemeni government and expressed a desire to improve the historical relations between the British Army and the Yemeni Military Forces.

Additionally, he praised the security, stability, and impressive development in Marib.


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