Taiz local authority engages in a productive dialogue with political parties

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A meeting was held by the Taiz Local Authority, led by Governor Nabeel Shamsan, with leaders from political parties to discuss security matters.

The discussions focused on tightening security measures, ensuring stability, and protecting international organizations.

Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad al-Mahmoudi, Head of Social Reconciliation and Peace Abdulsalam Razzaz, and Member of the Reconciliation Authority Ulfat al-Duba’i were also present at the meeting.

Governor Shamsan highlighted the success of the Security Campaign, which resulted in the arrest of the assassins responsible for the death of Muayad Hamidi, the Coordinator of the World Food Program, as well as other wanted individuals.

Governor Shamsan emphasized the importance of implementing measures to safeguard international organizations and their offices, allowing them to carry out their emergency and long-term interventions.

Furthermore, he stressed the need for the apprehension of wanted individuals involved in crimes and public and private land theft.

The report presented by Taiz Police Commander General Mansour al-Akhali outlined the progress made by the security campaign. It specifically focused on the arrests made in connection to the assassination of the WFP coordinator and other wanted individuals involved in various crimes.

The campaign remains ongoing to strengthen security, maintain stability, register motorcycles, control weapons possession, and organize security patrols throughout day and night.

The deputies of the governor and the leaders of political parties expressed their approval of the security campaign.

They praised the apprehension of the culprits in the killing of the UN official, as well as the efforts made to tighten security and establish stability.

Taiz Local Authority headed by Taiz Governor Nabeel Shamsan held Wednesday elaborated meeting with leaders of political parties discussing security situations and measures of tightening security, stability and protecting international organizations.

In the meeting attended by Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad al-Mahmoudi, Head of Social Reconciliation and Peace Abdulsalam Razzaz and Member of the Reconciliation Authority Ulfat al-Duba’i, Governor Shamsan confirmed that the Security Campaign has accomplished big success in arresting assassinators of the World Food Program’s Coordinator Muayad Hamidi and a number of security wanted persons.

” There are integrated measures to protect international organizations and their offices for facilitating implementation of their emergency and sustainable interventions and arresting wanted persons over crimes and issues of looting public and private lands,” said Shamsan.

For his part, the Commander of Taiz Police General Mansour al-Akhali reviewed a report on the performance of the security campaign to arrest the cell behind the assassination of the WFP’s coordinator and other wanted persons over different crimes.
He added that the campaign is continuing to tighten security and realize stability, numbering motorcycles and organizing carrying weapons and organizing security patrols around the day and night.

For their part, deputies of the governor and leaders of political parties praised the security campaign and arresting perpetrators of the crime of killing the UN official and tightening security and realizing stability.


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