Defense Minister Presides Over Supreme Security Committee Meeting


September Net

General Lieutenant Muhsen al-Da’iri, Minister of Defense and Head of the Supreme Security Committee, chaired a meeting to address the latest developments in the country.

The meeting, attended by the Minister of Interior Ibrahim Hidan, the heads of Political Security and National Security, and the Head of Military Intelligence, focused on several issues, including the coordination and integration between security and military forces, as well as efforts to combat terrorism and smuggling.

Minister al-Da’iri commended the security campaigns carried out across various provinces, aimed at enhancing security, stability, and safeguarding roads and entry points, while combating smuggling activities conducted by the Houthi terrorist militia.

He emphasized the necessity of intensifying efforts and enhancing the level of security coordination among all security forces, while relying on the armed forces to achieve security and stability in the liberated provinces.


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