President al-Alimi receives US envoy

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Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, along with Council Members Sultan al-Eradah and Othman Mujally, held a meeting on Tuesday with US Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking and US Ambassador Stephen Fagen.

During the meeting, they discussed the latest developments in Yemen and the efforts to revive the peace process in the face of the Iran-backed Houthi militia’s stubbornness.

The UN Envoy briefed the president and his deputies on his recent communications and the available options to urge the Houthi militia to actively engage with regional and international efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.

The president expressed heartfelt condolences to the United States on the victims of the fires in Hawaii State, hoping for the safety of the missing individuals and a speedy recovery for the injured.

President al-Alimi reiterated the commitment of the Presidential Leadership Council and the government to achieving a just peace in accordance with the agreed-upon references at the local, regional, and international levels. He emphasized the importance of aligning all efforts with Saudi Arabia’s endeavors to renew the ceasefire and initiate a comprehensive political process under the auspices of the United Nations.

President al-Alimi stressed that it is the opportune time to exert maximum pressure to put an end to the Houthi militia’s crimes and gross violations of human rights. This includes obstructing initiatives aimed at providing salaries to employees in areas under their control.

He warned against the repercussions of Houthi militia’s alliances with other terrorist organizations, emphasizing the significance of concerted efforts to confront this dangerous threat to international security and peace.

The president commended the successful international operation that prevented the threat posed by the Safir Tanker, while underscoring the urgency of expediting the sale of crude oil to avoid potential new environmental disasters.

For his part, the UN envoy praised the responsible approach of the Presidential Leadership Council and the government of Yemen in interacting with peace efforts and alleviating suffering of the worse humanitarian crisis in the world.

He also praised support and facilitations provided by the government to end danger of Safir Tanker saying; unless the government’s support, international community would not have been able to avoid the looming environmental disaster.

The UN envoy commended the responsible approach of the Presidential Leadership Council and the Yemeni government in actively engaging with peace efforts and addressing the severe humanitarian crisis.

He also expressed appreciation for the support and facilitation extended by the government in resolving the threat posed by the Safir Tanker, acknowledging that without their assistance, the international community would not have been able to avert the imminent environmental disaster.


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