Al-Eradah meets with UN envoy for Yemen

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Lieutenant General Sultan al-Eradah, a member of the Presidential Leadership Council, met with the UN Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, on Wednesday, marking the first visit of the UN envoy to Marib, as they discussed the latest developments in humanitarian, political, economic, military, and security fields.

Al-Eradah warmly welcomed the UN envoy and his delegation to Marib. He expressed his appreciation for the UN’s efforts in supporting the peace process in Yemen.

Al-Eradah specifically noted the progress made in resolving issues related to prisoners and kidnapped individuals.

He also highlighted the successful UN-led efforts in emptying the Safir Oil Tanker, which prevented a potential environmental, economic, and humanitarian disaster in Yemen and beyond.

The member of the Presidential Leadership Council reiterated their support for the UN envoy’s endeavors in achieving peace in Yemen.

He emphasized the importance of adhering to the three agreed-upon references: the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Initiative, the National Dialogue Conference outcomes, and Security Council Resolution 2216.

The international community must understand that Houthi and his militia are in need of rehabilitation process to be ready for peace as he is seeking the tactical peace and those who represent him in the negotiations are mere political cover and a cover for the Jihadi and military system,” said al-Eradah.

Houthis negotiators’ duty is just misleading the international community and absorbing its efforts to be able to continue their war on Yemeni people as this group, like any other terrorist force, lives only under war, added al-Eradah.

He confirmed that the solution in Yemen (as a whole) leads in the end to regaining the state institutions, as splitting the solution serves only Houthi militia like Stockholm Agreement, pointing out that Houthi wants to implement only the article serving his interests and relinquish implementing other articles and there are many examples on this.

He emphasized necessity of directing the international community to support the law not making comparison between the logic of law and the logic of violence as Houthi militia works day and night on feeding terrorism and coordinate with other terrorist groups.

Member of the Presidential Leadership Council al-Eradah called upon Yemen’s friends to help the government overcome its economic crisis over targeting oil ports by Houthi militia, thanking Saudi Arabia for its economic and relief support to Yemeni people.

For his part, the UN envoy confirmed aspirations for accomplishing progress in the political process, uttering keenness on Yemen’s security and stability.


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