Prime Minister directs security forces in Aden to protect public stability

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September Net

Prime Minister Ma’een Abdulmalik has issued instructions to the security forces in Aden to prioritize the protection of public stability in the region.

During a meeting with the Director of Aden Police, Mutahhar al-Shuaibi, the Prime Minister received a comprehensive report on the current security situation.

The report highlighted the ongoing efforts of various government bodies in addressing security challenges such as drug-related issues, smuggling, and counterterrorism measures.

The report also outlined initiatives aimed at strengthening security institutions, including the establishment and improvement of investigation units, enhancing criminal investigations, police operations, and traffic management. It further mentioned the support extended by the United Arab Emirates in terms of training, equipment provision, and the establishment of security facilities.

Emphasizing the importance of the integrity of all state institutions in the face of any security challenges, Prime Minister Abdulmalik specifically mentioned the need to address sabotage operations by Houthi terrorist militia, crackdown on extremist elements, and combat drug trafficking.

With these directives in place, the Prime Minister’s goal is to ensure the overall security and stability of Aden while effectively countering any threats to public safety.


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