PM holds press conference to inform public on developments & refute accusations against the government

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Prime Minister, Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik, held a press conference in the interim capital, Aden, today to inform the public about a number of important developments and files that affect the daily lives and livelihood of citizens, foremost of which are the economic file and the services file, and to refute the accusations and rumors that are being circulated targeting the government.

In his briefing to a number of local and foreign media correspondents, agencies, and satellite channels, the prime minister talked about the economic and service situation, political polarization, and what is being raised about the report of the Parliamentary Committee and the Ministerial Committee formed to respond to the report and other details related to the joint Yemeni-Emirati Telecom Company.

He stressed the need to speak frankly and transparently with our people and with the public opinion on all the details of the scene, so as not to remain hostage to rumors and misleading information.

He explained the difficult catastrophic repercussions on the economic situation and the government’s plans and obligations after the Houthi terrorist attacks on the crude oil export ports, but nevertheless the government continued to pay salaries and fulfill its obligations towards services and preserve the national currency within reasonable limits, in a process that seemed almost impossible.


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