Council of Ministers discusses developments, Houthi militias’ military escalations

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The Council of Ministers held its session today, Thursday, in the temporary capital Aden presided over by Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik.

The session devoted to discuss the latest developments in the national arena including the economic situations in light of the Saudi Arabia’s support for the state’s general budget and the required measures need to be taken make the best of this significant assistance.

The Prime Minister provided an overview about the latest developments including the outcomes of his meeting with the UN Coordinator for the Humanitarian Affairs and the ongoing regional and international efforts to renew the truce and revive the peace process amid Houthi militias’ continuous intransigence and insistence on violence.

The Cabinet’s discussions touched upon the ongoing Houthi militias’ military escalations and the grave violations against the human rights and the consequences of that upon the security and stability in Yemen and the region.

The Cabinet denounced the Houthi militias’ grave violations and atrocities against the civilians in the militias-controlled regions as it happened recently in Saada where the militiamen bombed the house of the fellow ” Aidhah Saleh Raboa”, slaughtering with cold blood four and injuring five of his family’s members.

The Defense Minister reported about the military developments and situations in the flashpoints and the troops’ preparedness to deal with the terrorist Houthi militias’ military escalations.

The Council of Ministers has approved to join the Agreement to Protect the submerged Cultural Heritage of 2001.


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