President al-Alimi discusses with defense minister, military commanders latest developments


September Net

Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Dr. Rashad al-Alimi discussed Wednesday with Minister of Defense General Lieutenant Mohsen al-Da’iri and leadership of the Fourth Military Region latest political, economic, security and military developments in Yemen.

In the meeting attended by Member of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi and General Inspector General Adel al-Qumairi, President al-Alimi praised the fighting readiness of units of the Fourth Military Region and all military units supporting them as decisive deterrence against Houthi militia in all warfronts defending the Republic, freedom and dignity.

President urged military commanders to be in a state of high alert and deter Houthi militia’s plots and terrorist organization coordinating with it. He also urged enhancing coordination and communications between all military and security units, as well as coordination with hosting communities across the homeland.

The battle of the Yemeni People against the Imamate agenda is continuing and will not end before realizing all its objectives in liberating all territories, regaining state institutions and ending the coup in victory for the values of the republic, partnership and equal citizenship, said President al-Alimi.

He confirmed support and solidarity of the Presidential Leadership Council and the government with all living forces and voices calling for freedom, justice and decent livelihoods in the areas under the control of Houthi militia, mainly demands of their salaries from the militia.

President of the Presidential Leadership Council and Member of the Council listened from Minister of Defense, the General Inspector and Command of the Fourth Military Region to a review on the military situation, level of fighting, armament and supplying readiness in different warfronts


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