President al-Alimi convenes a session with the Security Supreme Committee

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September Net

Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Dr. Rashad al-Alimi held Monday a meeting with the Supreme Security Committee.

In attendance were Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Supreme Security, General Lieutenant Mohsen al-Da’iri, Minister of Interior General Ibrahim Hidan, heads of political and national security, and authoritative figures from military intelligence.

Various security and military topics were discussed, including the challenges posed by the influx of illegal refugees into Yemen and the necessary measures to counter the plots of the Houthi militia and associated terrorist organizations.

Reports from relevant agencies were reviewed, and actions taken in response to the reported incidents were evaluated.

Additionally, Deputy Minister of Interior General Mohammad al-Mahmoudi, Head of Crisis Cell, presented a report on the latest developments related to the terrorist attack in Taiz, which claimed the life of a World Food Program employee, Muayad Hamidi, last July.

The meeting emphasized the commitment of the State to combatting the terrorist elements responsible for the attack, ensuring the safety of international organizations and agencies, and facilitating their humanitarian efforts to reach those in need across the country.

President al-Alimi underlined the vital role of the Supreme Security Committee in making prompt decisions and responding swiftly to terrorist activities.


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