Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi Visits Aden Governorate Headquarters to Discuss Port Restoration Efforts

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Member of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi paid today, Wednesday, an inspection visit the headquarters of the Aden governorate.

Minister of State and Governor of Aden governorate Ahmed Hamid Lamlas along with a number of the local authority’s senior officials received Dr. al-Alimi.

During his visit he inspected the departments and met with representatives and leaders of the local authority, and the CEO of the Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation Dr. Muhammad Amzarba.

He also reviewed the activity of the Revenue Development Center in the temporary capital Aden, praising the idea of establishing the center and the results achieved on the ground.

Dr. al-Alimi pointed out that the increasing pace of the work of the local authority in the temporary capital Aden and the inauguration of the Revenue Development Center there to restore Aden governorate’s leading role and status.

The Member of the Presidential Leadership Council heard from the Minister of State, Governor of Aden a detailed explanation about the local authority’s achievements and obstacles it faces.

He also was briefed on the idea of establishing the center, its work mechanisms and the positive results it has achieved , creating a turning point in the collection of shared and local revenues.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Alimi confirmed that the Leadership Council places restoring the leading and main role of Aden’s ports among its top priorities and confronting the Houthi terrorist threats to all ports and institutions.


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