Government Greenlights Budget Plan, Emphasizes Reforms and Peace Initiatives

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The Council of Ministers has approved the expending plan for the second half of this year 2023 in its session today, Thursday, in the interim capital Aden presided over by Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik.

The Cabinet has directed the concerned ministries and authorities to take the necessary measures to carry out the financial policies and reforms which included in the Expending Plan and the program of the comprehensive economic, financial and monetary reforms in addition to the commitment to carry out the reforms which stipulated in the provision of the agreement of the Saudi support for the state’s general budget.

The Cabinet has authorized the Finance Ministry to handle the financial disparities of the government’s expenditures in the foreign currency which arose from the disparities between the government’s expenditures in the price in the foreign currency and the actual price and to reconsider the ceilings of the expenditures and the priorities in view of the available resources and to achieve the balance between the flow of the revenues and the expending limits.

The Prime Minister confirmed that the government is welcoming all regional and international efforts aiming to make peace that ensures eliminating the coup, restore the state’s instutions and putting an end of the humanitarian suffering.

Dr. Ma’een reiterated the government’s support for the ongoing efforts of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman as well as all regional and international efforts aiming to put an end of the Yemeni crisis, achieve comprehensive and sustainable peace.


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