Foreign Minister Emphasizes Importance of Technology for Yemen’s Development

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Yemen’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Ahmed BinMubarak, underscores the crucial role of technology in driving development both in Yemen and globally.

In the midst of the ongoing conflict led by the Houthi militia, BinMubarak highlights the need for international assistance and collaboration in utilizing science, technology, and innovation to bring progress and prosperity to Yemen.

Speaking at the G77+China Summit in Havana, BinMubarak reaffirms Yemen’s commitment to working with international partners to achieve the summit’s objectives and create a better future for developing nations.

BinMubarak also addresses the devastating impact of the war on Yemen’s education sector, with many children and teenagers being forced to abandon their education due to the conflict.

He calls for urgent aid from technology-focused organizations and international partners to support Yemen’s education system and implement technological advancements, allowing Yemeni children and youth to catch up with their global peers.

In conclusion, the Foreign Minister’s speech highlights the importance of technology as a catalyst for development in Yemen and the world, while seeking assistance to overcome the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict.


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