Army’s Chief of Staff Praises ’26th September’ Radio Station as a Meaningful Expansion in Military Media


September Net

During a celebratory event marking the first anniversary of the “26th September” radio station, Army’s Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Sagheer Hamoud Bin Aziz, expressed his admiration for the radio station’s significant impact on military media.

“Affiliated with the armed forces, the radio station has emerged as a crucial platform for conveying the message of peace that the armed forces strive to achieve”, he added.

The Chief of Staff commended the station’s dynamic media efforts and emphasized its role in fostering a culture of the September revolution.

He reaffirmed the armed forces’ commitment to serving the nation’s interests and upholding its core values, while acknowledging the station’s contributions to boosting morale and highlighting the triumphs of heroes on various fronts.

Colonel Fayid Al-Shamiri, the Director-General of the radio station, emphasized the program map’s role in boosting morale and recognized the valuable contributions of the media and program staff in capturing the soldiers’ victories on various fronts.


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