Maj. Gen. Al-Erada Assesses Performance and Prepares Needs Matrix with Government Team

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September Net

Major General Sultan al-Erada, a member of the Presidential Leadership Council, held a meeting with a government team led by Abdul Latif al-Fujair, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Local Administration.

The purpose of the meeting, held in Marib, was to evaluate the administrative, financial, and technical performance of local authority offices.

The team aimed to identify difficulties and needs and compile them into a comprehensive matrix to be presented to the Council of Ministers.

During the meeting, Major General al-Erada emphasized the importance of transparency and institutional work.

He also highlighted the need to support local authorities across all governorates, enhance their capabilities, and address the needs of the people.

Additionally, he stressed the responsibility of monitoring, evaluating, and holding accountable those who fail to comply with regulations and laws.

This assessment and preparation of a needs matrix will contribute to the improvement of services, security, stability, and the overall functionality of the local authorities, demonstrating the government’s commitment to address challenges and overcome difficulties in order to meet the needs of the people effectively.


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