Al-Erada Urges Political Unity to Address Yemen’s Challenges

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Major General Sultan Al-Erada, a member of the Presidential Leadership Council, convened a meeting with the heads of political parties and organizations in Marib Governorate.

The discussion focused on the latest political developments and the pressing challenges faced by Yemen.

Al-Erada stressed the significance of political parties in providing education and supporting state institutions to address these challenges.

He emphasized the need for unity among Republican ranks in order to combat the Houthi rebel militias and their continual attacks on civilians.

Furthermore, Al-Erada urged political leaders, academics, social figures, sheikhs, notables, scholars, intellectuals, and the media to refrain from engaging in divisive politics and adopting inflammatory discourse that hampers national cohesion.

This unity and cooperation, he explained, are essential to restore Yemen’s state and its institutions that have been usurped by the Houthi militias, backed by Iran.


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