Grand Military Parade in Marib Province Commemorates Yemeni 26th September Revolution


September Net

The province of Marib witnessed a grand military parade organized by the Ministry of Defense, the Presidency of the General Staff, and the Ministry of Interior, in celebration of the glorious Yemeni Revolution (26th of September, 14th of October, 30th of November).

The event was attended by Member of Presidential Leadership Council Maj. General Sultan al-Eradah, as well as members of the Parliament, governors, ministers, military and security leaders, and social figures.

Major General Sultan al-Eradah conveyed greetings from the President to the martyrs and expressed support for their recovery and release of prisoners.

He praised the revolution for freeing Yemen from tyranny and colonialism and highlighted the ongoing struggle against rebel militias and terrorism.

He thanked Saudi Arabia-led coalition and called for international support.

Similarly, Chief of General Staff and Commander of Joint Operations, Major General Sagheer Bin Aziz, highlights armed forces as defenders of nation and its aspirations.

The parade symbolized Yemen’s journey towards freedom and its determination for a better future.


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