Army’s Chief of Staff and US Ambassador Discuss Military and Security Cooperation

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The Chief of Staff and Commander of Joint Operations, Lieutenant General Dr. Saghir bin Aziz, held a meeting with the US Ambassador to Yemen, Steven Fagin, to discuss military and security cooperation between the two countries.

They focused on supporting the capabilities of the Yemeni armed forces and efforts to combat terrorism and smuggling.

Lieutenant General bin Aziz expressed his gratitude for the support of the United States towards the Yemeni government and their efforts to bring lasting peace to the country.

He emphasized the importance of strengthening and developing relations in the military and security sectors, particularly in the areas of counterterrorism, training, and rehabilitation of the Yemeni armed forces.

During the meeting, the Chief of General Staff highlighted the security threats posed by the Houthi militia and terrorist groups, as well as their impact on Yemen’s security and international navigation.

He also acknowledged Iran’s role in supplying the Houthi militias with advanced weaponry and praised the efforts of the US Navy in combating smuggling and securing international navigation.

Lieutenant General bin Aziz emphasized that the Houthi militia’s ideology is rooted in violence and discrimination, and they do not prioritize peace or coexistence.

He expressed concern about the ongoing Houthi attacks on cities, public interests, as well as army and resistance positions, despite the UN-sponsored ceasefire efforts.


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