PM chairs an expanded meeting of the Defense Ministry’s leadership in Aden

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Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik chaired an expanded meeting of the leaders of the Ministry of Defense, in the interim capital Aden today, to discuss developments in the field and military situation in light of the continued military escalation by the terrorist Houthi militia, in a blatant challenge to regional, UN and international efforts to bring peace and resume the political solution.

The Prime Minister, from the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Mohsen Al-Daari, briefed the leaders of the Ministry of Defense on reports on the nature of the military situation, the conditions of the battle fronts, the cooperation and collusion between Houthis and other terrorist organizations to try to disturb peace in the liberated areas, and the plans of the armed and security forces to confront this and thwart any terrorist plans or escalation.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister conveyed to those present the congratulations of the political leadership, represented by His Excellency President Dr. Rashad Muhammad Al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, on the occasion of the 61st National Day of the glorious September 26 Revolution… stressing that these national occasions are a reminder of the responsibility on everyone in fulfilling the struggles of the first generation.

Dr. Moeen Abdul-Malik explained that the Yemenis’ celebration of that popular momentum, especially in the areas controlled by the terrorist Houthi militia following the September 26 revolution, and despite attempts at repression and intimidation, is a clear message that the Imamate and its priestly system have ended irrevocably, and the Yemeni people will not give up their national gains, whatever the cost.

He pointed out that the battle of the Yemeni people against the Imamate project continues and will not end before achieving its full goals in liberating all lands, restoring state institutions, ending the coup, and winning the values of the republic, partnership, and equal citizenship.


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