Al-Eradah discusses peace chances and agrees to open Marib-Sana’a roads under UN supervision in Yemen

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Al-Eradah, a member of the Presidential Leadership Council, met with Antony Heward, the Military Advisor to the UN Envoy for Yemen, to discuss the efforts towards achieving peace and a permanent ceasefire in Yemen.

Al-Eradah emphasized that the Yemeni people strongly desire peace based on internationally agreed-upon references, including the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference, and Security Council Resolution 2216.

Al-Eradah expressed the government’s support for regional and international efforts to achieve a lasting peace that reflects the aspirations of all Yemeni people.

However, he highlighted the obstructionist behavior of the Houthi terrorist militia, which is undermining these peace efforts despite significant concessions made by the government.

Furthermore, Al-Eradah proposed the opening of roads between Marib, Nihm, and Sana’a within 48 hours if the Houthi militia agrees to reciprocate under UN supervision.

He also emphasized the urgent need to open roads in Taiz, which has been under siege for nine years.

Al-Eradah called upon the international community and the UN to take serious action in implementing UN resolutions unanimously agreed upon and to identify the party obstructing peace and take appropriate measures to deter them.


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