Leadership Council Chairman discusses bilateral relations with US ambassador

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September Net

Yemen’s Leadership Council Chairman, President Dr. Rashad Mohammed Al-Alimi, met with US ambassador Steven Fagin to discuss the relationship between the two countries.

They also talked about the current situation in Yemen, including the efforts led by Saudi Arabia and Oman to establish a ceasefire and a political process under the United Nations’ guidance. President Al-Alimi praised the strong relationship between Yemen and the US and thanked them for their support in various forums.

He also appreciated the US’s humanitarian assistance in alleviating the suffering caused by Houthi attacks on oil installations and international shipping lines.

President Al-Alimi reiterated the government’s commitment to open dialogue and achieving lasting peace, while condemning the Houthi militias’ refusal to cooperate and their recent actions that violate human rights and pose a threat to regional stability.

The US ambassador expressed Washington’s support for the Yemeni government and their efforts towards economic and institutional reform.


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