Prime Minister Chairs Meeting to Discuss Military Readiness and Service Needs in Fifth Military Region


September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik led a meeting with military leaders to discuss the latest updates in the military, security, and service situations.

They talked about the operations and military presence in the fifth region, including the marine units in the Red Sea. The Chief of Staff provided a report on his visits to the warfronts in Hajjah and Sa’adah, confirming that the National Army is ready to handle any emergency and defend against Houthi attacks.

The local authorities in Hajjah also shared their service needs and proposals.

The Prime Minister instructed a comprehensive report on these needs to be prepared and discussed in the Council of Ministers.

He emphasized the importance of cooperation and coordination between the armed forces, security agencies, and local authorities to maintain security, stability, and provide essential services to the citizens.


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