Governor of Marib highlights UNHCR’s role in addressing urgent humanitarian needs

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Marib Governor, Sultan Al-Arada, met with UNHCR representatives Maya Amera Tonga and Mohamed Rafiq Nasri to discuss the challenging humanitarian situation in Marib and the role of UNHCR in alleviating the crisis caused by Houthi militias in Yemen.

They addressed the worsening humanitarian crisis, including displacement, economic difficulties, reduced aid funding, and climate change impacts.

The governor commended UNHCR’s overall and specific humanitarian efforts in Marib, urging for an expansion of their role to address the pressing needs in crucial sectors like livelihoods, economic stability, healthcare, education, water, and shelter, as the governorate currently accommodates a significant number of internally displaced, forcibly displaced, and African migrant individuals.

The governor emphasized the importance of transitioning from emergency aid to sustainable solutions, focusing on early recovery and development projects.

He assured that the political leadership, government, and local authorities in Marib will continue to facilitate and support the interventions and humanitarian efforts of partners and international organizations to ensure their success.


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