President al-Alimi inspects damaged areas over Tej hurricane

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September Net

Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi inspected Tuesday some areas hit by the hurricane Tej in Al-Ghaidha city and its suburbs.

President al-Alimi, along with Governor of Mahra Mohammed Ali Yasser and Minister of Public Works and Roads, inspected conditions of the citizens who displaced from the areas hit by the heavy rains over the hurricane. He listened from them on their needs and directed the authorities to meet them and provide different forms of care to flood-affected people.

Earlier, Governor Yasser briefed President al-Alimi on the latest developments of Tej, damages and human and material losses left by the hurricane.

President al-Alimi inspected also the ongoing works of relief, which started this morning by distributing 7000 food meals in al-Ghaidha city and Husween District and necessary shelter materials.

While he praised efforts of local authority and emergency teams in responding to impacts of the hurricane, he praised swift response from brothers in Saudi Arabia for providing relief assistances to the affected people.

President al-Alimi called upon all regional and international organizations and national private sector to extend help hand to tens of thousands of affected people in Mahra Province.


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