Chief of General Staff meets with Commander of Joint Forces in Saudi-led Coalition


September Net

Chief of General Staff (Lt Gen) Saghir bin Aziz met today, Monday, with Commander of the Joint Forces in the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in support of internationally recognized Yemeni government, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Saudi Armed Forces (Lt Gen) Mutlaq al-Azai’z.

They discussed the developments about the military situations in different fronts in the republic of Yemen in view of the developments in the regional and international stage.

The discussions touched upon ways to sustain the combat capacities and preparedness of the Yemeni Armed Forces so as to be qualified to do their national duties effectively and efficiently.

The continuing hostile actions of the terrorist Houthi Group organization and its military escalations were also discussed.

General Bin Aziz reiterated thanks and gratitude to the Command and troops of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition for their supportive stances in support of the Yemeni Armed Forces and people in different fields and stages.


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