Empowering the Yemeni government the best way to secure international shipping lanes, says al-Daeri


September Net

Minister of Defense (Lt Gen) Mohsen al-Daeri said the best and shortest way to secure maritime navigation and international shipping lanes is to support the international recognized Yemeni government and its armed forces on the ground.

He squarely put blame on the International Community (IC) for the Terrorist Houthi militias’ ongoing piracy and violence actions in the Red Sea.

He said ” The IC used mount pressures on the internationally recognized government, meanwhile act leniently toward the militias so that it was encouraged to go far in its crimes and violations”,

He made his statement during his discussions with the Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department at the Russian foreign ministry Alexander Kinschak and the Chargé d’ Affairs at the Russian Embassy in the Republic of Yemen.

The Russian delegation expressed concerns about the developments in the Red Sea, affirming Moscow’s support for the ongoing diplomatic efforts to achieve peace, end war in Yemen.


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