US forces intercept Iranian weapons in their way to Houthi militia

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September Net

The US Central Command has said a ship of its forces intercepted advanced conventional weapons and lethal assistances in the Arab Sea on January, 28 from Iran and destined for the terrorist Houthi militia.

According to a statement by the Central Command, over 200 packages containing components of medium-range ballistic rockets, explosives, surface and underwater unmanned vehicles, military communication equipment and networks, anti-tank guided missiles, launchers and other military components were discovered.

The statement confirmed that importing, selling or direct and indirect transfer of such assistances violate Security Council Resolution 2216.

The Commander of the Central Command General Michael Eric Kurilla said: ” This is yet another example of Iranian malign activity in the region and their continued provision of advanced and conventional weapons to Houthis directly violates international law and undermine safety of international navigation.


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