President al-Alimi convenes a meeting of Facts-Findings Panel about Houthi militias’ offense in al-Baidha

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September Net

His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) along with the member of the PLC Abdul Rahman al-Mahrami convened today, Wednesday, a meeting of the Facts-Findings Panel about the gruesome crime committed by the Terrorist Houthi militias yesterday, Tuesday, in the area of al-Ahfra in Rada’ district of al-Baidha governorate.

The panel consists of the two ministers of Interior Maj. General Ibrahim Haidan and Legal Affairs and Human Rights Ahmed Arman and Governor of al-Baidah Nasser al-Swadi.

The Governor and Director General of Rada’ District Monef al-Dhahab reported about the criminal bombing operation of the fellow citizens’ houses, which resulted in slaughtering 12 people, injuring several more, meanwhile efforts are continuing to search for the missing people who were buried under rubbles of the demolished houses.

The meeting discussed the measures taken and the required procedures to help the families of the victims as well as how to provide the necessary legal protection to the citizens in the regions under the control of Iran-backed Terrorist Houthi militias.

President al-Alimi expressed his own and on behalf of the PLC’s members condolences to the families of the victims and the government’s solidarity with them, wishing quick recovery for the people who are wounded.

The Chairman of the PLC directed the government move with alacrity to provide the families of the demised people and the injured ones with reparation, take coordinated measures with the different concerned bodies in order to document the crime and to ensure that the perpetrators will not escape punishment at national and international level.


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