Presidential Leadership Council Backs Central Bank’s Decisions

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During a virtual meeting today, the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) under the leadership of President Dr. Rashad al-Almi voiced strong backing for the Central Bank of Yemen’s (CBY) choices. The discussions encompassed economic progress, currency variations, power provision, and strategies for enhancing economic stability.

The PLC reaffirmed the government’s dedication to fulfilling citizens’ needs, ensuring regular salary payments and improving public revenues. They endorsed the CBY’s efforts to safeguard the banking system, combat financial irregularities, and adhere to governance standards to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing.

Furthermore, the PLC stressed that both their decisions and the government’s recent economic policies aim to strengthen state institutions for the benefit of all Yemenis. They condemned Houthi militias for damaging the national economy, causing humanitarian suffering, and undermining financial stability.

The council commended the CBY for exposing the destructive actions of the Houthi militias against the banking system, which disrupted banking operations and misused funds for war purposes. The decision to move banks’ headquarters to Aden was deemed essential in response to these threats.

Appreciating international support for Yemen’s financial decisions, the PLC acknowledged the importance of these actions in safeguarding the people’s well-being amidst challenging circumstances.


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