Sponsored by UN…How Houthis turn peace chance into death

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September Net – Khaleel Alzekri

When the Muzzles of guns fell silent and the roar of cannons ceased, people get chance to whatever gather has been shattered by the shells. However, this feeling is completely absent in the Houthi militia, who always take all chances as a way to cause death. Houthi have been addicted to killing and death has become its slogan.

Many cease-fire truces have been announced since the Houthi militia launched its war against Yemeni people.

The militia engaged in several UN-brokered peace talks with legitimate government. The International Community was very hopeful to make a breakthrough that may led to a lasting peace in Yemen so that people return to the political negotiation to settle down differences and start building the new Yemen.

But the hunger-for killing- militia has been take advantage of all peace calls to kill as many civilians as they can and reinforce its positions, reorganize its lines and redeploy its militants, as well as prepare for new round for further blood-shed.

Certainly, everyone has become well aware that Houthi militia knows nothing about the language of peace, nor it exists in its list. They all realize the Houthi militia’s bloody record filled with the spirit of avenge toward the gains of people and homeland.

Despite that, United Nations still deal with the militia and equalize it with the Yemeni people who have suffered the most heinous crimes by such militia.

The most recently peace talks between government and Houthi militia in Stockholm last December has clearly proved how the militia reacts to possible peace chances, and how they diversify peace with  prolonging the fighting.

As Houthi militia representatives, on one hand, negotiate the  implementation of the agreed on deals, its ground militants continue targeting innocent civilians on the other.

However, Government-forces have been remained fully committed to the deals as per directions of the legitimacy that is working very hard to maintain any chance for a peace admired by all Yemenis.

There has been a lot of suspicious about the UN’s engagement in the Yemeni issue. Peace in Yemen can’t be divided and its reference is obvious.

UN has always stressed that peace in Yemen is based on the three terms of reference; National Dialogue outcomes, GCC Initiative and UNSC resolutions mainly 2216.

Yet the UN moves on to fragment possible solutions, giving Houthis many opportunities to create more problems and obstructions on the road to achieve peace.

United Nation should’ve mounted  pressure on Houthis to abide by the Stockholm Agreement instead of dividing and categorizing it (the deal) by its special envoy. The UN then went to negotiate Houthis to ensure safe routes to the Red Sea Mills, which UN has talked about so much, and this hindered the agreement.

Under the first phase of the divided deal, Houthi should have withdrawn its militiamen on Sunday from al-Saleef and Ra’a Esa harbors and pulled back 5 km, open routes for aid relief in the Mills.

But Houthis delayed the withdrawal Monday. Finally no progress made and Houthis as always brought new excuses and obstacles. This shows, how the UN uses the most crooked paths in solving Yemeni crisis, to the extent that it puts the internationally recognized government and the coupist militia on the same scale.

Houthi militia failed to execute first phase of the fragmented agreement. They instead fueled the front-lines in Hodeida city and southern parts. The militia also intensified its movements and redeployment. Which is a clear evidence of their circumvention around all deals it agreed on.

After all, the strange thing is that the Chairman of the UN Redeployment Coordination  Committee (RCC) Michael Lolisgaard, told government’s representatives to the RCC that the implementation being delayed without any further clarifications, according to special sources.

Lollesgaard didn’t even expose or name the warring party that impeded the implementation.

He rather went to negotiate with the Houthi rebel militia, making contacts with them to offer them maybe more time, which enable the rebels terminate the chance to realize peace which the Stockholm Agreement has provided to Yemenis, according to sources.


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